Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Welcoming Me!

This blog took a long time coming. The search for an appropriate title alone took quite an eternity. Actually only a day or two. But when you think of the eagerness that you have, the nagging excitement to sit down and finally do it, which is unfairly held back by the problem of when or how to begin with, the wait can be really excruciating. This morning while on the shower, the idea finally came to me like the unexpected rain, to complete my first step to the blog universe.

That every blogger wishes to be unique is a given. Your writing may not be a standout, and perhaps you are not even confident about your ability to sustain it, that's why you choose hiding behind the anonimity of blogs. One that hopefully will have the benefit of a strong name recall. This is why, it really feels good to have a good name to begin with. That alone is already quite an accomplishment when you finally get the title that you feel will most effectively articulate the message you want to say, or the catch-phrase that you want yourself to be associated with.

I see life at least in this world as a short tenure without an extension. A line no longer than the length of a hyphen, that we just have to spend every moment the best way we can.

I am eternally fascinated with life, fleeting as it is. I embrace it with a passion. I wish to be always doing the thing that gives me a sense of purpose and meaning, whether it is a revolutionary advocacy that could possibly change the world, or the completely mundane tasks associated with survival. And if I have the power to do it, I would love to preserve every moment, that familiar sound, the colors and flavors, the emotion, all that I am able to perceive every moment of my life whether consciously or unconsciously.

Because life has thought me that this is important. I have lost my father and I can never ever have him back. All that I have are memories of how he looked like, the sound of his voice, the smell of his sweat when I was a child curled up in his arms, the greasiness of his hair, the texture of his cheeks, the callousness of his palms.

My blog will hopefully provide a keepsake for the precious fleeting moments that were meant to be here and gone in an instant. I have never tried blogging before so I swear to make this my first and last try at becoming a blogger. Who knows, I might manage to summon the energy to keep this going for as long as my mind can regurgitate bits and pieces of experience in this long journey, while my heart beats with pure love for life.

If only since no one will, may I seize the moment to welcome myself!

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