Sunday, July 20, 2008

This Dark Sad Day

Even the sun
Is not immune to loneliness
There are times
When daylight
Is but a faint shade of blue
And a curtain of sadness
Blurs the vision
Of my world

Then I must fight
To hold back the tears

Wherever I go
I am condemned
To spend the day
In a world turned empty
As dusk sets in
Than the sun permits

What makes this day
Paint gray
On the canvas of my life
What makes the wind
Restless and cruel
To the fallen leaves
What makes the earth
Cold and lifeless
As I drag my steps
What makes you say
Goodbye to me
When my heart is pleading
To hold you back

Tell me then
How can I live
Through this
Dark sad day

With my heart dying
A painful death

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