Friday, July 11, 2008

Don't Tell a Lawyer

There is a reason why people despise lawyers. Even the bible reserved a passage where the lawyers are mentioned alongside elements of society that are regarded in general, as the scourge of mankind. If he had his way, Shakespeare would rather have all the lawyers executed. But without prejudging them, lawyers are an indispensable social force, providing the important perspective of one learned in the workings of the law to address various problems in all areas of human activity from crime to religion.

Sometimes, society itself is guilty of begrudging the lawyers of the privilege position that they hold in the world order. Being on top of the food chain, they are likened to those in the predatory class that are feared and avoided. Their achievements are looked upon in different ways, and elicit contrasting reactions from an admiration that is shouted from the roofs, to suspicion that is spoken in whispers. The presumption of innocence is not willingly bestowed upon the lawyer by a society so often victimized by a skillful distortion of the law to blur the line between right and wrong. Not that lawyering in itself is inherently evil. It is in fact an honorable profession except that because of the power it wields, and the inherent weakness of men, it can permeate a tempting occasion to corrupt just like what they say of good intentions - that they ironically pave the way to hell.

In a perfect world, lawyers will not have any role to play in the collective well-being of mankind for basically lawyers and the law come to play only when a wrong is perpetrated, and not when things are going straight and smooth. That we seem to have an oversupply of lawyers, and even more impressive volumes of lawsuits paint a clear picture of a world that is not exactly doing well. One wonders, is it because there are too many lawsuits that we have to have too many lawyers, or is it because there are too many lawyers that we have to have too many lawsuits? Or rather, to put it bluntly, does that mean the more lawyers there are, the more troubles we have?

Now, go ahead, tell that to a lawyer!


ros said...

Hi :) Before I went to law school, I was already aware of the fact that there IS an oversupply of lawyers in this country. But ideally though, if there was indeed an oversupply, how come our legal and political system still sucks?

I mean, as law students, we're taught to uphold justice but what happens after we graduate and actually step into the real world? Law, they say is not always justice but it can be a means to do just.

I decided to pursue law at least to prove that as a lawyer, i can actually do something in this country.. and I don't mean to say squeeze people out of their money.

Ria said...

Well actually I have a lawyer acquaintance who says there are not enough lawyers in the country.

But anyway... lawyers are scary in a way because they have the power to ensure that justice is served and the power to ruin innocent people's lives.