Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Mouse That Mugged My Blog

Muggings. They are terrorism in the streets. One day you're all alone walking down the 'hood and somebody sneaks up behind your back and before you know it, you're dead. They make me paranoid. But guess what, I just got mugged right here in my house, right here in my room, right next to my computer, right here, right now and in broad daylight at that. Luckily, it was not the kind that would leave you broke or dead.

I was mugged by a mouse.

Since it's a Sunday today, I decided to begin the day with a blog. I usually do the blogging late at night after a full day's work, when there is peace and quiet and before I hit the sack. But sometimes, the urge to blog, or not to blog, hits you at crazy hours, and when it comes it's almost as irresistable as the call of nature. You just can't shake it off or procrastinate. So, rather than fight the inevitable, I decided what the heck it's a Sunday anyway, so let me blog.

But lo and behold!

My mouse won't work. I bent down to check the connections, the plugs, the cpu, the usb, the ufo, the ilo, the imf, even the milf and you can throw in those Marxist-Leninist cpp-npa-ndf and all that alphabet soup mumbo jumbo, but no problem there. I unplugged the mouse then plugged it again. Still no luck. So I walked away and had my breakfast wandering what timing could be worse. Funny how at some other days, my computer would be working perfectly fine but it's my mind that goes completely out of sync, those were days when I would just slip into a deep creative coma; some sort of complete paralysis of the brain. But this morning, it's my mouse that decided to take the day off on a Sunday.

A lot of questions were running through my head, eating at me while I ate. One of those 'what if' moments.

What if this day was pre-ordained for me to write the all-time greatest blog masterpiece in the history of the whole wide world? You know, the "I Have A Blog" equivalent of Martin Luther King's powerful speech that left the black-bashing establishment of the US of A shaking in its boots? What if what I was meant to write today, only today, and at no other day, would solve the oil crisis, stop the war in Afghanistan, or save the earth from bloody alien invasion?

Anyway, that profound moment ended with a quick trip to the computer shop where I bought a brand new mouse. And then, by the time I was back in my room and in front of the computer, I realized that my mental bank deposit had hit zero-balance once again.

With no creative juices left to squeeze out of me, I was completely useless and unproductive so if only to get something out of this, I just have to have a thing to say about that darn stupid mouse that mugged my blog.

Meantime, my "I Have a Blog" moment and Martin Luther King, will have to wait.


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