Friday, December 7, 2012

As This Sun Bleeds

Coming home from a meeting with Grace
On a jampacked train at Boni Station
I realized that something special
Had taken place

Rising up to offer my seat to a septuagenarian
I already knew that having a seat
On a rush hour trip is such great luck
That to give it away for someone else
And sacrifice what I wanted so badly
Makes me a fool or just plain crazy

Standing up and facing west
I caught a glimpse of the sun descending to rest
A ball of fire on crimson sky
I looked around and I saw red
The faces of passengers
The ground below
The buildings and rooftops
The solitary dove
The skies above
The world is on fire as the sun comes down
With such magic spell
To turn the heavens into bloody hell
Without regrets and bleed to death

Losing the vision of the sun’s last dance
Across the horizon
When the train just passed Kamuning Station
I was filled with longing
To turn back the train and return to the scene
To capture the moment all over again
While the dying embers fade out of sight
To take flight during the night

Reminiscing now, through the paths
I’ve travelled, 
The loved ones I’ve lost
The sunsets I’ve seen
Like yesterday’s sunset
That I watched from the train
At least I can say that unlike those people
Who looked the other way
Or fell asleep during the trip  
The ones who missed this masterpiece in red
Compared to them I am much more blessed
I’m coming home with a poem in my head

Coming home from a meeting with Grace
I realized that something special had taken place.

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