Saturday, August 18, 2012

On Sadness...

          An empty room
          A faded portrait
          A telephone call
          That came too late
          The missing piece
          Of a photograph
          A walk in the rain
          That never stops
          These are the things
          That make me sad

          To find the letters
          That were never sent
          To say the words
          That were never meant
          To stare at the sunset
          From a moving train
          To watch the feather
          Drifting in the wind
          And then realize
          That life is the same

          When you know
          You should stay
          But you said goodbye
          When your heart is breaking
          But you have to smile
          When you ask yourself
          The reason why
          And find no answers
          You could almost cry

          For the smallest sins
          That were not forgiven
          For the acts of kindness
          That were easily forgotten
          For the faith and promises
          That wouldn’t last
          For the ghosts of the past
          It’s just too bad

          These are the things 
          That make me sad...

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